Sand and mud trap LM1000



Sand and mud traps are used to separate sand, mud and other solid particles from wastewater and stormwater, thereby ensuring that the sewerage utility line operates without blockages. Relative density and residence time allow the heavier particles in water to fall to the bottom of the trap while purified water will flow onwards.

These traps are mainly used in the following places:

+ Car washes

+ Car parks

+ Outdoor areas

+ Repair shops

+ Warehouses

+ Motorways

On the basis of the EN 858 “Separator systems for light liquids (e.g. oil and petrol)” standard, a sand and mud trap is installed before an oil separator.


An additional sediment level alarm device can be installed to the sand and mud trap; this will give a visual and audio signal when the sand and mud trap is full. When half of the sediment volume has been reached, the sand and mud trap should be emptied.

Sand and mud traps come with certificates, installation and maintenance guides

The number marked by the sand and mud trap indicates the sediment volume of the trap (dm³).


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