Birco Sir 40/40 point drainage E600


Datasheet: BIRCO Sir Point Drainage datasheet ENG

Declaration of conformity: DoC BIRCO Point Drainage ENG

Birco Sir 40/40 concrete point drainage

Drainage system for open areas and spaces:

BIRCOsir concrete point drainages have a high hydraulic capacity to ensure the fast drainage of water. Their high load-bearing capacity and attractive range of gratings make the system universally applicable, offering a wide range of design solutions for both private and commercial sectors.

Facts about BIRCOsir concrete point drainage:

+ Two sizes: 30/30 and 40/40 cm

+ Galvanised steel frame angles

+ One-piece or multi-piece

+ Can also be used as a sump well (40/40 cm)

+ Load class A15–E600

+ Gratings with bolt connections or Easylock fastening

Main areas of application of BIRCOsir concrete point drainage:

+ Open spaces and commercial and private sector areas, courtyards

+ Heavy traffic areas

+ Car parks used by lorries (supermarkets, freighting companies, etc.)

+ Sump wells

+ Lighting can be installed

Technical specifications – Sir 40/40 concrete point drainage:

Product BIRCOsir 30/30 drainage
Width 400×400 mm
Height for 1/2/3 piece 575/880/1200 mm
Weight for 1/2/3 piece 121/180/232 kg
Silt bucket Yes
Odour trap Yes
Grating ductile iron / galvanised steel

Birco point drainages can be combined with different gratings and they can be ordered in one, two or three pieces. You can find the full range of point drainage products by opening the datasheet.

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