Pumping stations


Pumping stations intended for wastewater, stormwater and drainage water lifting

Pumping stations are usually used in places where it is impossible or impractical to construct gravity-flow piping. Based on the client’s wishes and installation place, we offer plastic, aluminium and cast iron covers for pumping stations. We provide certificates, installation and maintenance guides for the pumping stations. The pumping stations in our range have a maximum tank diameter of 2,500 mm.

In order to create a quote for a pumping station, we need the following information:

+ Depth of inlet pipe(s) in the pumping station

+ Productivity and head of the pump(s)

Once we have this information, we can make a working drawing and start production.

We also assist in selecting the necessary control cabinets. We offer control panels for both single and dual pump pumping stations. It is possible to choose a panel for both indoor and outdoor installation, as well as a suitable alarm and data transmission system. We offer pumps according to the conditions involved (e.g. Grundfos, Wilo).

Standards:  EN 12050‐1:2001 and EN 12050-2:2001

For pumping stations, we create quotes on a project basis. Please contact us for more information.